Looking for computer gaming mouse on sale? You are not alone. People everywhere want a great price on these mice and that is the reason I wrote this article about getting really good deals.
Why is a gaming mouse so popular?
You are probably tired of getting self-owned in FPS games by your lousy mouse that was bundled together with your laptop. However, best gaming mice are generally quite expensive. best gaming mouse under 50 For the typical college student or the like, you simply cannot afford to burn a huge gaping hole in your pocket by buying a brand new one.
What should you look for?
Don’t be scared off by the price and settle for a second-rate mouse. It is designed for, well, computer gaming. Say goodbye to finger ache during gaming sprees! Most, if not all, are designed ergonomically to fit your hand. They give you better and more refined control over your mouse, and increase your accuracy. Mouse lag is pretty much out of the question, especially if you choose a wired mouse. Take note of factors affecting the quality of a computer gaming mouse. The resolution of a mouse is a big one. Known otherwise as DPI (dots per inch), it is the number of dots (pixels) that your mouse can detect when you move the mouse.
What are the most important features to consider?
• The higher the resolution the better.
• The design of your mouse is another major factor.
There’s no point in getting a mouse which doesn’t fit your hand! Search around, and decide on what type of mouse fits you the best. If your palm gets sweaty while gaming, make sure to get a mouse with anti-slip features.
So where do I get a computer gaming mouse on sale?
There are several stores that sell these mice online. The internet is your best friend. Some of them have discounts and coupons and some just have low prices. A few offer free shipping, and if you need to return your mouse – return shipping is free also.
First, decide on a mouse that will suit your gaming style. Some suggestions I have are the Razer mice (Razer DeathAdder, Razer Lachesis, etc), Logitech G5 and G7, and Microsoft Sidewinder mice.

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