If you want to be up and running with your training center on day one, you need to know what gear is best for your location, gear that does not take a week to install. There is an easy solution when it comes to safety flooring as you can choose multiple interlocking EVA foam martial arts mats (often known as jigsaw mats or puzzle mats).

Simply measure the length and width of your floor and divide each by the size of the mats you have chosen to purchase. It is okay to have mats that go over the edge as you can easily cut one edge of the mats to fit perfectly.

With interlocking jigsaw puzzle mats, you can add them to a dojo (training or fitness center) floor the day they arrive.

What I love about these martial arts and fitness mats is that you can get wall to wall mats by simply cutting them with a box cutter / razor and pushing the edge of the mats against the wall. In only a few hours, I had a great training hinh kim loai 3d surface across the entire floor. I would suggest that you cut them about a half inch or more longer than needed and mush (push) them against the wall. Since the foam is flexible, it should fit tight and adjust the pressure throughout the rest of the mats so that you avoid any bubbling effects. You can always cut the mats more but if you cut off too much, you will have to get new mats for the edge – best to work your way down to a perfect fit.

These mats are for people that want something more realistic and yet still have the safety from the concrete. I was able to simply throw them right on top of the cement surface with little to no preparation (though I do suggest that you clean the surface of dust and dirt that will be under the mats prior to placing them).

What we do is simply lay down our puzzle mats to create our main surface – then we use a foldable mat that we can pull out anytime we want to have something with more cushion. Nevertheless, having a wall-to-wall colored martial arts mats really makes your training center stand out.

I still have yet to find a better multi-purpose colored martial arts training mat than the puzzle or jigsaw mats. You can also mix and match the colors. In one dojo, we put laid out all red mats in one room and black puzzle mats in another room that we used for kids classes.

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