Have you heard of the eBay sales funnel? This is a highly effective method of generating revenues and increasing profits. Basically, an eBay sales funnel is a system of sales that sells a product to a particular customer, in different ways. These ways include websites, online auctions and pages that specifically sell products, all directed at this customer. Let’s learn how this sales system, the eBay sales funnel works.

1. Free!

Start the system going with a free offer to the prospective customer. Once he is drawn to your site by the complimentary product, he will be invited to purchase another how to get clickfunnels discount product, related to the free one, at a small cost.

2. The Next Steps

If the customer buys the low-cost product, he is led on to buy another product related to the first two. When he proceeds to buy that product as well, he is offered yet another product. This process goes on until the customer finally buys the product which is the final goal of the e-Bay sales funnel vendor.

3. eBay sales funnel

The eBay sales funnel works just as described above. At eBay, the customer is encouraged to bid by offering low-priced products to invite the customer to start bidding in earnest.

4. Trust Grows

As the customer gains confidence buying products as part of the eBay sales funnel process, he or she will trust e-Bay more, and be ready to enter into further transactions on this site.

5. Disadvantages

The marketing costs associated with the eBay sales funnel system can be quite high, and sometimes make transactions unprofitable. A lot of advertising may be required to sell just one product, and the revenue earned may not justify the expenditure.

Despite its drawbacks, the e-Bay sales funnel is a very efficacious method of increasing sales and profits of an online business.

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