The person who starts the pool will usually come around to each person and ask them if they wish to purchase a box. You do not get to choose the 918kiss box you get in most office pools. The person making the pool will place the names of the teams on some paper or it can be done on the computer. One team gets the vertical side and one gets the horizontal.
Then they will place scores next to each column and row in no particular order, so that now you have several rows and columns. When it is done what you have looks sort of like a chart. Then they will randomly insert the names of the people who purchased boxes.

Now each name corresponds with 2 teams and a score for both teams and what they do is usually at the end of every quarter or time period depending on the sport you are betting on, they will look at the pool and whomever’s name corresponds with the score at that point wins some money. For example in football usually the person who wins the first and the third quarter will get a small amount, the person winning at half time gets a larger amount and the winner at the end getting the largest percentage. There can also be bonuses for winning 2 quarters.

There are no set rules for an office pool except those you make yourselves.


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