Singapore is an excellent study destination because of the great infrastructure of this country. There are many reasons why students compete to be a part of the educational environment of this country.

There are almost six universities which can be chosen for study in Singapore which are Nanyang technological university, National university of Singapore and Singapore Management University. The former two of these universities have gained the reputation among the best 50 universities across the globe.

There are almost 30,000 students who are currently studying in these universities presently. The universities of this country attract students also because this country also has international companies for placements.

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The country has also received continuously good rankings for its educational environment. Also, this country is the best place to pursue your undergraduate degree. The country is also home to branches of many international universities such as the University of Nevada from America and Queen Margaret University of Australia. There are also many Singapore scholarships to study abroad. The National University of Singapore offers scholarships for sports, visual and performing arts. After application, there is also an interview for the selected candidates for such scholarships on the basis of which students are selected. After being accepted for the scholarship, the students have to sign a letter of acceptance.

The tuition fee for students for undergraduate courses in Singapore is 7650 dollars. The country received a high ranking of No. 3 on the Global innovation index released by INSEAD due to the high quality of its universities.

The main documents, which are required for application of a student visa to this country:

Two photocopies of three forms, Form V395, V36 and Form 16 should be filled up and signed up by the local sponsor.
A birth certificate
Certificates of education and transcripts of results
Photocopies of passport
The students should also take care of their safety while they are studying in Singapore. They can ensure their safety by:

They should restrict themselves from moving around with huge sums of money.
Always move around in groups,
Don’t take valuables around with you.
The country of Singapore is quite a perfectly clean city. It has its reputation for being clean. There is also a law prohibiting chewing of gum in this country. Singapore is a country which is not at all corrupt because it has the high transparency index of 9.3 in 10.

The main tool that can be used for communication is Skype.

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