The lead capture page was the main topic in part 1 of this training series. The lead capture page is the first critical tool that every online marketer needs. That is a personalized, customizable lead capture system. The second tool, but the greatest tool available, is the Autoresponder.
If the autoresponder is the most important tool, then building a list is the most effective activity. Your list is the most profitable asset in your online MLM company. The autoresponder permits you to automate communication, information, training, and offers to your LISTS. Your goal is to set up email campaigns for your MLM Funded Proposal, your affiliate programs, and your primary network marketing company.
Autoresponders automate email communications using pre-defined variables. They can automate simple activities like responding with an automated response to each incoming email (i.e. vacation or out of the office message). Autoresponders are able to manage thousands of list subscribers, sending pre-written marketing messages at pre-determined time intervals.
Autoresponders allow you to maintain ongoing contact with your prospect in order to brand yourself and create trust. In addition, you are able to develop and make offers to your list. Most autoresponders permit multiple campaigns to be run simultaneously. Utilize them in clickfunnels review warrior forum several niches and you should earn money in online marketing. Each campaign can be designed towards a specific niche market or service. Imagine the potential.
Ideally, you can craft a series of emails or articles that builds on previous emails and builds excitement for future lessons. This is the process. You want to include a “teaser” to build excitement and interest for the next lesson. You want to provide suggestions for tools that will assist your prospects in their marketing activities. You don’t have to hard sell these tools. Rather, include them as suggested products within the emails.
Think about following scenarios:
Scenario 1
• Sales Page
• Get the order
Scenario 2
• Sales Page
• Get email address as part of ordering process
• Get the order
Scenario 3
• Lead Capture Page
• Get email address
• Follow Up with messages until you
• Get the order
Obviously, scenario 3 gives you the greatest chance to brand yourself, build a relationship, and make money. With each email, the relationship is strengthened. The relationship is personal and not only an introduction to a MLM opportunity or product. Your goal is to become a trusted advisor.
Building a list requires capturing the email addresses of your leads. An autoresponder permits you utilize an opt-in form on your landing page to capture the prospect. You can ask for that information be entered on the form and sent. When the data is submitted, it is added to the list. Most autoresponder systems offer a double opt-in system that requires the lead to confirm their opt-in by clicking a confirmation link contained in the email address provided. ALWAYS use the double opt-in option for all subscriptions. This requires prospects to verify their subscriptions before getting the information requested. The reason is to avoid being listed as SPAM and having your account terminated.
The reason for building your own list is that you can continually market to your list for as long as they remain subscribers. How long they remain subscribers depends on the information you make available. Now, the autoresponder is set to automatically deliver pre-written emails at scheduled intervals to each of the prospects on the list. You are off and running.

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