When one hears the word “moissanite”, it usually refers to a trade name given to a ceramic compound of silicon and carbon in the gem business, otherwise called “silicon carbide”. While some properties of moissanite are closer to those of diamond than to other synthetic diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, once its properties are known, moissanite is perhaps even easier to identify. It is doubly refractive (the decomposition of two light rays) and has a slight green tint to it. Moissanite can be found in three stone rings, as moissanite jewelry rings are quite popular today.
Moissanite three stone rings for engagement and weddings are considered even more important than just jewelry, as they remain important to their owners throughout a lifetime. Having a moissanite jewelry ring means that you can have a larger stone in your ring, Best Enso Silicone Wedding Rings than the traditional diamond. A moissanite three stone ring is supreme when several stones are in a Chanel setting. Although it does not have the same clarity as diamonds, moissanite outperforms diamonds when it relates to brilliance. It’s highly advisable to make an educated decision when purchasing moissanite jewelry rings.
Moissanite three stone rings are extremely fashionable today. Unlike the diamond, moissanite has no cracks and fissures, which help in reflecting light with the magnificence that easily surpasses the reflecting qualities of diamonds. The luster and brilliance of moissanite combined with the hardness, was discovered to be amazing and soon considered an affordable alternative to diamond. Moissanite three stone rings are more popular than a platinum bracelet, diamond pendant or even a diamond ring. There are a variety of moissanite jewelry rings, such as round, baguette and princess cut, that go well with nearly every type of outfit and any woman’s personal style.
For a diamond alternative, a moissanite jewelry ring is an excellent choice. A dazzling radiance draws attention to the moissanite three stone ring at a much more affordable price than a real diamond on platinum ring. You can imagine the exquisite beauty of the moissanite diamond on a platinum ring that will thrill any woman.
Many individuals are looking at moissanite as the choice in jewelry. This is because moissanite is a lab-created synthetic diamond. It naturally occurs in nature, but it occurs in very small quantities. It is only slightly less than a diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness, being 9.4 as compared to the diamond at 10. Moissanite three stone rings and moissanite jewelry rings can be purchased at select jewelry stores or online.

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