Pick the individual you will rehearse with. Open your eyes and take a gander at that person. Supplicate quietly for a minute softly and request that the Holy Spirit help you see something for this individual.

State, “Ruler I am here and I will be your worker.” “I request that you please show me something that will help one of your valuable kids.” “I will be utilized by you, Lord.” “If it’s not too much trouble have your own specific manner with me and give me the words to express, in Jesus’ name.” “Master, I approach you for an image and help me to decipher it effectively, for your brilliance.” Amen.

Presently, take a gander at the individual and take a “preview” with your eyes. Close your eyes and hold that picture in your psyche. Presently be calm without supplicating and take a gander at the picture in your creative mind and sit tight for it to change into another image. It should frame effectively. On the off chance that you battle to see a picture, at that point open your eyes and take another depiction with your eyes. Begin once again. Anything from the Lord will shape effectively. Be that Request a prophetic word as it may, however the vision requires some serious energy, sit tight for it. It is okay. Simply don’t compel the image. Try not to pass judgment on the image. Simply observe it.

Okay, since you have an image in your creative mind, record it in your note pad. Attract an image to portray what you saw. It is a great idea to work out a portrayal too. Continuously keep a pocket size winding bound note pad in your pocket or satchel. You should be prepared consistently to scribble down impressions from the Lord. On the front of the scratch pad, compose the date you began the note pad. When you finish or top off the note pad, make sure to record the last date on the spread moreover. At that point later you may go straightforwardly to the journal to review a word you have for somebody. On the off chance that you go to a city to serve, at that point compose the name of that city outwardly of the scratch pad as well. I have note pads from urban areas that I will return too sometime in the not so distant future. I will have the option to give prophetic words when I venture off the plane, since I got the words the last time I was in that city however didn’t get an opportunity to give them. I will take that old journal with me. It is dependent upon God’s planning to exhibit the open door between when we get the word and when we give the word.

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