Good praise and worship leaders are very hard to find. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot become one!
Praise and worship leaders do not need musical talent! Yes, that’s right. You heard it from a Christian Musician. You do not need musical talent to lead praise and worship. Let me give you an example:
One of the greatest praise and worship leaders from the mid 20th century was a lady by the name of Kathryn Khulman. Ms. Khulman was (and still is) exalted as one of the greatest ministers of her day. She was more than a just a minister. She was a praise and worship leader. Hinos Evangélicos Her approach of leading praise and worship inspired many people.
Kathryn Khulman was adored by almost every Christian denomination imaginable. Protestants, Charismatics, Methodists: Protestants and Catholics alike was blessed by her ministry. In fact, she considered herself to be a Baptist all her life. She was accepted beyond denominational limitations. But what made Kathryn Khulman such a wonderful P&W leader?
Was it her musical talent? No. She couldn’t play any instrument. And she couldn’t sing. Kathryn, herself, proclaimed countless times, “I have no talent”.
So what was it that made her such a great Christian leader? She would say time and time again “I have no talent. All I have to give is my love!”
That, my friends, is the key to worship. A true, intimate sense of love for the Lord is the life-blood of worship. Worship without love is empty and vain.
Thou Shalt Love the LORD thy God with ALL…
As Christians, we must never lose sight of Jesus’ teachings. As Christians, we must not only know and understand Jesus’ teachings, but we must practice them!
Jesus made it clear. The first and greatest commandment is to love the LORD with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. He demands all. He is a jealous God. To love Him with ALL is the first and greatest commandment. We must never lose sight of that.
If we go on in our Christian walk and ministry forgetting the first and greatest commandment, then we have lost perspective. It is imperative that we do not let our love grow cold.
The greatest of all keys to becoming a good praise and worship leader is to prioritize the first and greatest commandment in our private life. True worship comes out of a clean and honest heart that is not full of hypocrisy. We cannot go to church and worship God if we don’t worship, and love Him in every aspect of our lives. We must worship and love Him in our private lives – behind closed doors.

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