The good issue concerning IT certifications is that it isn’t that tough to urge them from numerous suppliers. simply because you begin with a certification from one supplier, it doesn’t suggest you are cursed  that supplier. Sure, a number of the additional advanced ones need Associate in Nursing earlier certification from that supplier, however several of them merely have expertise needs. More info

Another reason that there’s an honest selection of certs within the IT trade is that there ar many certifications for a selected technology. you are not fastened in to 1 sure thing if you are a software system developer. Network engineers have numerous certifications they’ll pursue, a bit like info security consultants, info directors and support employees.

For these reasons, i feel there’s a good sort of methods you’ll be able to take, for no matter role within the IT trade you are in.

Should I stick with One Provider’s Certification Paths?

There ar several suppliers of certs within the IT trade. CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco ar a number of the large players during this space. They every supply several certifications that attractiveness to any or all forms of IT professionals. They conjointly allow you to follow the certification path that they set and advocate.

For example, Microsoft’s counseled certification path involves Associate in Nursing MCTS, an MCITP, and probably and MCM. this might have modified with the recent introduction of the MCSE and alternative certifications, however usually there’s a hierarchy and path for Microsoft technologies. as an alternative, Cisco offers an identical certification path, that starts with the CCENT, then the CCNA, CCNP, and probably the CCIE.

Of course, there ar quite simply these 3 or four certifications for every supplier. every of them have their own technology specialties – which implies, albeit you want to remain with the one supplier for certifications, you’ve got quite an selection. There ar several technologies that Microsoft offer certification for, likewise as Cisco.

More specialised firms conjointly supply a certification path and vary of certifications. Oracle and Red Hat each supply certifications valuable for info and UNIX professionals severally.

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